Clois - Half of My Heart.

By: TayLaneBloom


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hey there, again. :P

i'm done with my second video. I don't know if it's good, 'cause i didn't watch it before uploading. (yeah, i'm stupid that way. heueuheeuh) so, if there's a part with a weird transition or bad effect, it's because of that. If the entire video sucks, then it's because i suck in vidding. xD

oh... it's the same thing as my first video, the lyrics match the scenes, so pay attention to that. :P

this one it's dedicated to Nanda, my BFF, 'cause she's a little down lately and i'm hoping this will make her feel a little better. ^^

disclaimers: of course i don't own anytihing. Clark would be constantly naked if i did.
song: Half of my heart - John Mayer feat. Taylor Swift. (she just do some sounds in the end, but it's there. :P)

that's it, hope you enjoy it. ^^
See ya later, alligator. ;)

ps: youtube apparently don't want people commenting on this video anymore, so if you're trying to comment and you're having trouble, it's not your youtube that's insane, it's just this video. :P

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