Bulgarian Army - Protector, Guarantor and Liberator of F.Y.R.Macedonia

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In 1990-ies the Yugoslav federation apart is hard. On September 8, 1991 in Macedonia held a independence referendum, in which majority of the population voted for separation, but also as necessary for inclusion in the new Yugoslav Federal State. (Many see this wording the opportunity to union between genuine similar countries who live in division - the Republic of Bulgaria and Macedonia).
On 18 september , 1991, exactly 106 years after the Unification of the Principality of Bulgaria with Eastern Rumelia, was proclaimed the independence of the Republic of Macedonia. Two months later adopted its constitution, which completes the initial phase of its emancipate On 15 january , 1992 Bulgaria first in the world recognized the new state.
The reason is clear - the macedonian slavs have Bulgarian origin and the separation of this community allows future unification with mother Bulgaria.

According to Ali Ahmeti, political leader of Democratic Union for Integration (political party in Republic of Macedonia), the only reason to separate peacefully Macedonia from Yugoslavia is the fear of the serbs from bulgarian military intervention. Because Bulgaria's position is that Macedonia is a separate country, but the Bulgarian population (such as Austria and Germany), and any attack against Macedonia would mean war between Bulgaria and Serbia.
Happy independence Macedonia!

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