Airchair Tutorial Part 2 -*TRAILER / TEASER*

By: FreezeFanatixCrew


Uploaded on August 26, 2009 by FreezeFanatixCrew Powered by YouTube

This is only a teaser for our upcoming tutorials
I started editing this video to test out the *Split screen* effect.
was never meant to actually be a video, but when i started, i kinda got carried away and by the time i was done, i wanted to upload this onto youtube

you may notice that there are not alot of clips of BBoy Ri
thats cuz i dont have alot of footage of him, and i haven't been able to record new clips because he still has a wrist injury

but dont worry, he'll be better soon and we'll start shooting for the next tutorial once he is at 100%

In the mean time, enjoy the little teaser and dont forget to subscribe =]


BBoy Addicted

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