Punching Power and Grip Strength for MMA with the TRX and Kettlebell

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Add these 2 exercises into your MMA workouts for increased punching power, increased grip strength and shoulder injury prevention.

The "Electron"

This exercise is great because you work the KB through a circular range of motion, which is fantastic for the shoulders and develops hip power and core stability in the rotational (transverse) plane of motion.

Enter 3D training with this exercise! It can be done for reps (10 per), time (60 sec or any other method you want to use.

The "Scarecrow"

This TRX exercise will balance the demands on your body if you train MMA by training your upper back muscles and posture, helping you decrease injuries.

Go for higher reps here, 10-20 is a good number to shoot for, so you can focus on perfect form and develop strength-endurance and maybe even a little upper back muscle mass.

Both exercises are great for training your grip strength as well.

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P.S. I did this workout on Canada Day (July 1) hence the patriotic appearance of the Canada flag. :)

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