Nintendo 3DS-New Handheld Announced

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Nintendo has officially announced the successor to the Nintendo DS. It will feature 3D game-play without the need for glasses. It is also expected to feature backwards compatibility with Nintendo DS and DSi games. Its also said to have rumble capabilities and a built-in accelerometer. It will also include a control stick. I like control sticks. :] It is expected to be released IN JAPAN within the next fiscal year, which is between April 2010 and March 2011. There is no word about the release of this outside of Japan, as most countries will shortly be receiving the Nintendo DSi XL. I cant wait! Comment, rate, subscribe, and enjoy! Ill be sure to keep you all posted with news about this. Perhaps game-play will be similar to that of this:
(To clarify the video is gameplay of a DSi Ware game on a Nintendo DSi. It is not te new console, and it is not new footage. The game was never released out of Japan.

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