A Gothic Romance

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The song is "Blackmores night - Ghost of a Rose". --- The Poem *Written by me* --- There is love in...
The song is "Blackmores night - Ghost of a Rose". --- The Poem *Written by me* --- There is love in the deepest darkness, There is passtion in every soul, There is a destiny,for every one, Every angel has to find someone, To love and to care for, And we can dream, we can dream, But one day, our most loved dream, will come true, And we shall embrace it with our hearts, We will take hold,and pray it will last forever, And if our faith, our love is strong enough, We shall be in heaven, for eternity, And all our problems,sorrows and fears, Will fade away, And we will be entwine, Forever... --- The artwork is from all over the place, some are from deviant art, Thank you to the people who made them, i do not want credit for the art, the true artists deserve the credit, and if anyone knows the Deviantartists please leave a comment, or link to their profile, thank you. ---- I want to say an extra big thank you for all you people out there who have been so generous with your comments etc. I never expected this Video or my Poem to get anywhere as big as it has. so, to you, the viewer, for supporting me and watching this Video... ...THANK YOU :)