Team Killer 3

By: Lemurfot


Uploaded on June 15, 2012 by Lemurfot Powered by YouTube

Here you go people! The Team Killer 3. Maybe not so great as the last ones. But still there is more of a story here. Hope you will enjoy this new sequel of the brutal...something... And btw thanks for the tips. It helped a lot. It was sad that I had to put all the film clips from the begining. But I gues it was worth it :) Oh btw I have seen a lot of haters lately on this new style so I try to do some animations And so you maybe can see there is this stupid ghost on the map. That is freaking poping up in my filming so please...if you can... dont mind it. And try to enjoy the video! Team Killer Ragdoll (didnt make the skin) Stuffs
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