Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep Secret Ending English Sub HQ Part 1

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If your interested in the secret ending with subbed titles like many fans, than this is your chance to check it out. The ten minute video is just breathtaking with a story of hidden truths that showcase past and current characters from the series, which all connects into Sora and the KINGDOM HEARTS II ending where Riku, Kairi and Sora read King Mickey's letter. There are spoilers, although many of us can't figure out what exactly is going on with the Japanese voice overs. The video is available to view above. Original footage from, translations and subtitles from HEARTSTATION.ORG

Translation fix - Where Ansem refers to making clothing, should read this way:

I created the duplicate beings of nothing
Perhaps the corners of my consciousness did it?
The fault of my heart as a scientist

Sorry about that, same word, different meanings! I'll update the video soon with the fix.

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