Salman Khan and Karisma Kapoor Fan Video "Sun Zara"

By: sharstarz07


Uploaded on October 12, 2007 by sharstarz07 Powered by YouTube

My very first Salman and Karisma video. They are truly my OTP of Bollywood. Unfortunately, I don't have a DVD ripper, so most of my clips came from those already online; sadly, there aren't that many Salman-Karisma clips. So if anyone could, please put up some Salman-Karisma clips, and let me know, lol.

The video is basically Salman remembering all the good times with Karisma, and missing her badly. I took clips from Lucky and Jaan-E-Mann to show him being alone. The other clips are from other Salman-Karisma films. Let me know how you like it! Sorry for the subtitles on some of the clips--couldn't get rid of them.

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