T-ara Feat. Supernova - T.T.L. 2 (czech Subs)

By: Verinka


Uploaded on October 14, 2009 by Verinka Powered by YouTube

Second version is out ... I really like the colorful concept of this version. It´s faster than the first, it has more electronic beat. It´s more like a dancing song. Of course, the lyric is different. Rap parts are better here than i first version. But in the end, the first one, I like it better...

Anyway, I really don´t see the point in adding rest of the members from both groups. They even don´t have any lines and music video gets messy because there are so many people... They are there really for nothing. And the pity is that the main characters didn´t get so much spotlight this time...

MV Credit : daum + GomTV + http://jirozhang.wordpress.com

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