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Uploaded on September 20, 2011 by FifaGamingHD Powered by YouTube

Here's an awesome skill moves tutorial showing you all the skills you need to know in FIFA 12 :)

Please make sure you check out the editors channel, he has put a lot of time and effort into this vid.

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Skills taught in this tutorial, in order:
Elastico Chop
Berba Spin
McGeady Spin
Scoop Turn
Drag back fake
Zidane roulette
Reverse step over
Hocus Pocus
Rainbow flick
Advanced Rainbow flick (variation)
Heel to heel flick
Bergkamp flick
Double touch exit
Sombrero flick
Ball roll fake
Feint left exit right
Ronaldo chop
Quick ball rolls
Triple elastico

There are more skills than this but this video shows you all the important ones. If you need to learn more Hjerpseth has some great tutorials on his channel.

For XBOX to PS3 controls:

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