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Watch the Pirate Heist trailer for Assassin's Creed 4 Black Flag that inspired this video! *******
Watch the Pirate Heist trailer for Assassin's Creed 4 Black Flag that inspired this video! ******* WATCH BLOOPERS & MORE: ******* GET THE SHIRT! ******* SONG DOWNLOAD COMING SOON! ●LYRICS● Everyone knows that Blackbeard's the best There's nothing more to say But I hear there's this new bloke around, by the name of Kenway He's always hiding in his white hood with his girly hair and crap But I'm still the baddest pirate around 'Cause I've got this treasure map *HOOK* Yo ho, yo ho A pirate's life for me Yo ho, yo ho Murderin' fools for free *REPEAT* They call me Eddie Kenway, man I'm the scourge of the land and sea Got flowing hair, some sharp-ass blades And maybe a little scurvy Don't got a stupid peg leg Or a dumbass hook for a hand But I'll shove my blowgun up your ass If you mess with my pirate band I'll grab my musket And I bust it Got lovely hair, you can't touch it I steal maps Don't give craps Got pretty girls sittin' on my lap *CHORUS* 'Cause I'm a pirate Living my life all high on the seven seas I'm a pirate Getting bootie with the cuties 'cause I do what I please Four guns I blast Slash throats as I pass Kissing those sexy wenches Because I'm a freakin' pirate, dude And the rest of ya'll are bitches *END CHORUS* *HOOK x2* Boarding your ship to pillage and kill Don't even need it I just love to steal All the ladies love me 'cause I'm a big pimp Hope the don't smell me 'cause I stink like ship Eating oranges to prevent scurvy Dammit now it's gonna hurt when I pee You can never blame me for grabbin' your chick 'Cause most my life's surrounded be dick I'll grab my musket And I bust it Got a badass beard You can't touch it I steal maps Don't give craps Got pretty girls And I'm sitting on their laps *CHORUS* *HOOK x2* Well, I guess it's time for the two of us to brawl Time to settle who's the baddest pirate once and for freakin' all I wake up ('Cause I'm a pirate) Don't give a fuck ('Cause I'm a pirate) Love to drink ('Cause I'm a pirate) I stink ('Cause I'm a pirate) Don't shower ('Cause I'm a pirate) Make bitches cower ('Cause I'm a pirate) Gettin' booty ('Cause I'm a pirate) Takin' doodies ('Cause I'm a pirate) Eat rotten beef ('Cause I'm a pirate) Lost all my teeth ('Cause I'm a pirate) Far from home ('Cause I'm a pirate) All alone *CHORUS* *HOOK x2* ... This video is extra special to us, so we went all-out and got a ton of help from our amazing friends: Produced & Directed by Ian Hecox, Anthony Padilla & Ryan Todd Written by Ian Hecox, Anthony Padilla & Ryan Finnerty Music Produced by Peter de Leon & Ryan Todd Mixed by Peter de Leon Backing Vocals: Peter de Leon & Ryan Todd Asst. Director - Frank Cosgriff Dir. Of Photography - John Alexander Jimenez Asst. Cam / Cam Ops - Ian Webb, Ivan Harder, Phil Mohr Drone Cam Op - Jonathan Joiner Sound - Ivan Harder Head Makeup Artist- Nicole Chilelli Makeup Artists - Courtney Carmack, June Ray Adelman Hair - Tania Voochen Wardrobe & Costumes - Felicia Cowley Wardrobe & Costume Asst. - Javier Gomez Grip/Electric - Jon Hooker, Lee Eisenhower Production Designer - Ryan Brett Puckett Art Director - Jonathan Bell Prop Master - Patrick Egan Key Scenic Artist - Lynn Malmberg Scenic Painter - Peter Van Dyke Carpenters - Kyle Rettinger, Jon Hooker, Jeff Berkume, Ryan Caplan Art PAs - Anthony Melanson, Zane Boyer Post Supervisor - Ryan Finnerty Editors - Anthony Padilla, Michael Barryte, Ryan Todd DIT & Assistant Editor - Shawna Smith Colorist - Mike Burton Bloopers - Ryan Brett Pucket BTS - Phil Mohr PA - Julie Pritchard ●CAST● Edward Kenway - Ian Hecox Blackbeard - Anthony Padilla Blackbeard's Wench - Rae Wright Ship Wenches - Rae Wright & Shelby Campbell Sexy Wenches - Nicole Chilelli & Felicia Cowley Pirate Band - Ryan Todd, Andy Southard, Patrick Picche Featuring Joshua Overnshire, Matt Sohinki, David Moss as Spanish Soldiers, Tavern Folk, Street Urchins, & Pirates and Mari Takahashi as Ballerina, Pirate Queen, & Street Urchin Spanish Soldiers: Scott Free, Anthony Melanson, Eric Tapia, Ethan Ireland British Soldiers: Jason Manoogian, Stephen Crane Pirates: Patrick Egan, Jon Hooker, Frank Cosgriff Tavern Folk Nathan Taylor, Aaron Luna, Ernesto S. Bustos, Brian Rasmussen, Jason Manoogian, Sean Boncato, Cedric Johnson, Stephen Crane, Tressa Ohler, Lauryn Gardner, Margaret Upton, Krystina Mae, Veronica Jarboe, Lindsey Hoopes, Christa Cranmer, Jessica Benz, Christina Marie, Haley Borchers ●Special thanks● Thanks to McFarlane Toys for the killer blades: ******* Melinda Moses at National Park Service Joe Follansbee at Grays Harbor Historical Seaport Authority Capt. Mark, First Mate Eamon, and the entire crew of the Hawaiian Chieftan Decades Costume Shop & Broadway Costumes The Track Shack ---------- Our very own website: *******smosh**** Our Facebook page: *******facebook****/smosh Follow us on the Twitter! *******twitter****/smosh