Introducing SnipingxVictory |HD|1080p| Do It for Love

By: 206LMFAO


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Read everything! Hey guys whats up?! So heres another Montage! I know that at times its hard to see because of it "fast forwarding" but trust me nothing special is being missed at those parts! Im still new to the editing so please give me a chance to try new stuff! Another 2-3 Monatges and Ill be good with editing dont worry jut have to find myself into the whole editing ;) So hope you enjoy anyways I did put allot of work into it! p.s. If you have tips for editing please tell me! Facebook: join the Gamingunity! Twitter: be a UptoDateGamer!!/Gaming101HD Subscribe: Want more? Theres more everyday all you have to do is Subscríbe! Musik: P-Holla - Do It For Love
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