Mega Man (NES) Part 1: Bomb Man

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So here it is, the game that started a huge franchise for Capcom. What is or what was to them what Mario is to Nintendo before it and what Sonic is to Sega after it. This game was originally going to be an Astro Boy game, but Capcom couldn't get the license towards that, so they just made their own game based on what was planned for their Astro Boy game. Light was a university student alongside his friend, Dr. Albert W. Wily. While Light was more interested in computer science and networking, Wily was more interested in robotics. Light proved himself to being the better robotics scientist however, and developed his own robots that would help the world. Rock and his younger sister Roll were amongst these creations, as well as six other robots called Robot Masters. This all made Wily jealous. Wily then planned to take over the world using his own robotics knowledge and force innocent lives to fund his career instead of Light's. This involved stealing six of Light's robots and reprogramming them to work for Wily instead. Rock, feeling he needed to do something about this problem, wanted Dr. Light to turn him into a super fighting robot. From then on, Rock became the blue bomber known as Mega Man, or Rockman in some circles. Mega Man gains the weapon of each Robot Master he defeats. By the end of this video, he defeats Bomb Man (not to be confused with Bomberman) and gains his weapon: Hyper Bomb. I only have the Mega Buster to fight him with, but Bomb Man's weakness is Fire Man's Fire Storm. Dr. Light originally made Bomb Man to work on construction and mining alongside Gutsman. Bomb Man's weapon is ironically Gutsman's weakness.
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