Pein Vs Konoha (Full Fight) Part 2: Pein Vs Kakashi Part 1 (English Sub)

By: Draklynus


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Part 2 of Peins invasion in Konoha and part 1 of the battle Pein vs Kakashi

Note: This is mirrored and finally fully subbed :D

Pein vs Konoha [Full fight] Part 1: First slaughterings (English sub):

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Naruto Shippuuden 162 Part 1/2 (Captions) / Pein vs Konoha part 6: Tsunade and Tendo (English sub):

Part 7: still unsubbed. Havn't the BEST motivation yet :/

Pein vs Konoha [Full fight] Part 8: Pein destroys Konoha (English sub):

Pein vs Naruto part 1 Full fight (English sub) (Captions) [720p HD]:

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