Gmod Brawl: Niko Vs. Roman

By: kitty0706


Uploaded on May 04, 2010 by kitty0706 Powered by YouTube

After getting constant calls for pointless activities with Roman, Niko finally goes over the edge and gets annoyed to the extent of starting an ongoing fight to the death with his cousin. Will Niko finally shut Roman up, or will Roman defend himself successfully against his angry cousin? Watch and find out!

*Just a side note, some of the songs listed in the credits are untitled, hence they are from video game and movie soundtracks.

***DAMN IT ALL, I forgot to mention someone in the credits. A HUGE thanks to BennyG for making Elliot's new and improved model. Thanks a lot man!

"ELMER FAP" - Sincerely, Shane.
^ inside joke, don't bother

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