Dell 5150 Desktop Part #2 3.8 GHz CPU and Memory Upgrade Video

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How to Install - 3.8GHz. Processor CPU Video, in Dell Dimension 5150 Desktop Work Station Computer.

Components & Upgrades used for HD edit work with Dell 5150 Video

PENTIUM 4 single core
Intel Processor Part Number on 3.8 GHz. SL7Z3 Socket LGA-775 type EM64T1
Bus Speed 800MHz
True Front Side Bus Clock Speed - 670
Hyper-Threading Technology, streaming SIMD extensions 3
Cache Memory:
Installed Size: L2 cache - 2 MB
Intel 64 Technology

Memory 4 Gigs of MEM DDR2 1GB/5300

Nvidia GeForce 9400 GT (BFG Tech) Graphics Card

AVS Video Editor 4.2 - HD Edit / AVI Convert System

Sony PMB Video HD System

HD AVCHD Handycam
Sony HDR-XR200v

Fujifilm FinePix A900 still photo and low level video Camera

HP w2408h HD HDMI 24 Monitor

How to, modify upgrade older P4 single core 5150 to edit HD videos for youtube with 3.8GHz CPU, 4 gigs of memory and mid grade graphics controller.

(Warning) This simple 3.8 GHz. CPU upgrade will not work with any of the Dell Dimension 5150 Desktop work stations that contain (AMD Processor Series Mother Broads)

Your 5150 must contain an EM64T Intel Series Type Processor CPU that operates before this upgrade will work, with Bios Revision A00.
(Check to see if this application will apply before attempting project)

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