"Polkattack!" - Weird Al Yankovic's Polka Medleys from 1984-2011

By: TheQxx


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Unfortunately, YouTube and friends had blocked the video wordwide and, by removing some/most of the audio, it has now returned...pointlessly. Sorry, friends. (Track listing is below) As a tribute to The Great Weird One, I created a 35+ minute, non-stop track from all of his polka medleys; one gigantic polka jam. I ventured out to find footage of Al playing all this stuff and synced it up the best I could to the audio track and shazam: a tribute to Weird Al's awesome polka medleys. (The footage gets better after 4:31 - Also, I took out Hot Rocks Polka and left out Polkamon & Bohemian Polka because they aren't medleys in the same sense as these and I couldn't find live footage to go along with any of them for the video). In any case, I hope you enjoy it as much as I do! -qxx 00:14 "Polkas on 45" (1984) 04:31 "Hooked on Polkas" (1985) 07:47 "Polka Party!" (1986) 10:56 "Polka Your Eyes Out" (1992) 14:33 "The Alternative Polka" (1996) 19:08 "Polka Power!" (1999) 23:14 "Angry White Boy Polka" (2003) 28:09 "Polkarama!" (2006) 32:02 "Polka Face" (2011) 36:51 Encore
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