Freddiew's YouTube Roadtrip 2010!

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Click to RT! Announcing the YouTube Roadtrip 2010 - where Brandon, Matt, and I are renting an RV and travelling across the United States for an entire month to make videos in your backyards instead of ours! By the way, this isn't some month long travelogue - I know you guys would hate that and I would hate it too. This is our usual content, but in a different place. We need your help though - so submit your information to (or email it to submit (at) You can follow our progress at - that's where all the trip updates will be. We'll be uploading videos to this channel and as well. Follow me on Twitter! Check out our Facebook Page! Finally, international folks - I didn't forget about you! But we gotta test this concept out first - if this goes well, we'll do the YouTube WORLD TOUR. --- Still images are all Creative Commons licensed from the following authors (Flickr): Junkyard: Dave Herholz Restaurant: Liz West Farm: nosha Factory: Nat Friedman Construction: drcorneilus Ranch: rickbradley Plantation: Rob Shenk Waterfront: dazzie d Grocery: redjar House: amanda warren Field: markus Backyard: ricky
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