Rish - Missing You Lyrics

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Rish - Missing You Nowadays I feel better Now listen to my letter That I write to a girl that I like cause she deserves it She makes my day better Used to think how can I get her And now when she's mine, all I think of us together Lately, I been missing her all day long and I'm Looking forward til she's back to home cuz I'm Going insane, wondering when you take the plane home Sick of watching at movies alone And my days at work, I spend em thinking about you Dreamin' how we lay on the beach, that idea was cool Hope the dream come true Thats what i wanna do Be alone, with you And call you my boo Hope u feel the same way too We should be stuck like glue Every love song that I do Is dedicated to you Yeah and everybody wonder how we can be fly We reply we got the swag, we fly high in the sky
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