Barefoot Kajira - My Bare Feet in the City

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My barefoot adventure This is what happened during my last barefoot walk in the city. It was a chilly Octo...
My barefoot adventure This is what happened during my last barefoot walk in the city. It was a chilly October day but when I stepped down to the subway the ground felt a bit more comfortable; I passed a bench where people sat waiting for the train. I could almost feel their looks on my feet and wondered what they might think of me having no shoes on my feet in a crowded subway station. The dust and dirt in the subway seemed to stick to my soles. One guy told me that my feet looked fantastic with dirty soles and that he would make me stay barefoot for the rest of the day if he were my boyfriend. Exposed feet on the train Then I was getting on the train. I got lots of sideways glances from the passengers when I went through the aisle. I did not get a seat therefore I had to stand until I could leave the train after five stops. The station where I got off the train was crowded. Barefoot walk in the city Later I went through the pedestrian zone where I sat down in a street café. I found a table right in the front so most people passing by got to look at my feet. I rested my feet on an empty chair letting people have a look at my filthy soles. My soles were deep black, the skin of my feet was dry and my feet felt warm from all the walking on hard underground even though it was still really cold. The waitress told me that my bare feet looked great, especially with the tattoos. We talked for a while and she gave me the card of a photographer. She told me that she was modeling for him every now and then. It is easy money and all she had to do is go barefoot in town, train stations etc. The pictures and videos are published on an international pay-site. Barefoot in a shoe store Later I stepped into one of the best shoe stores in town. The carpet felt nice under my soles which started getting a bit sore from walking on concrete and stone for so long. The top of my feet was dusty, showing also some black marks from a touch by my dirty soles. In the mirror I could see how filthy my soles were. It was somehow humiliating to stand with my bare filthy feet in all this luxury and at the same time it made me happy and proud. I looked at the expensive master pieces of shoe making. There was no way I could try a pair with my dirty feet. So when the sales clerk, an elder gentleman, asked me whether he could be of assistance, I said no thank you Sir, this is too kind, but I am not allowed to wear shoes. My boyfriend does not like shoes on me. I looked down at my feet, wiggling my toes turning a bit and lifting my heel to let the clerk catch a glimpse of my black soles. The sales clerk stood there with his mouth open, trying to take his look off my feet. Then I waved bye to him and left the store. This episode was the funniest thing on this barefoot day. Cleaning my dirty soles When I arrived at home I sat down and had a look at my soles. Under all the grime and dirt I my soles felt quitevsore. Being on my way through town for more than 4 hours I must have overestimated the toughness of my soles a bit. This means I need more barefoot training! Then I let in a bathtub and started cleaning my feet carefully after all that hard use from my barefoot adventure. I laid back and enjoyed the warmth of the water. And tomorrow I said to myself vI will call this photographer who is running this barefoot pay-site. Maybe I will start modelling for him - this will give me barefoot training, a lot of fun and some extra money.