Building the Titanic Minecraft Tutorial Part 16

By: Richlarrousse Minichampsf


Uploaded on May 06, 2012 by Richlarrousse Minichampsf1 Powered by YouTube

My tutorial into how to build the titanic in minecraft Classic Part 16, Conversion of Titanic into HMHS Britannic Part 1 focuses on the color scheme and aft superstructure detail Part 2 will focus on the Lifeboat positions and other small details Please Rate, comment & subscribe Hoping to reach 1000+ Subscribers Thanks for watching, Richlarrousse MinichampsF1 2012 You might want to take out some key bored or Mouse Insurance while watching my video tutorials as they are rather difficult to follow, I wont be paying any Compensation for damaged Keyboards and Computer mice, Whiplash may occur while head butting the key bored, Please Be careful!
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