Pure Beingness by Liora

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*******www.world-harmonics**** Angel Message and Angelic Sound Attunement...... Dear Ones... At this time...
*******www.world-harmonics**** Angel Message and Angelic Sound Attunement...... Dear Ones... At this time of the Equinox 2010 you are getting closer to embodying the vibration of pure balance and neutrality of unconditional acceptance. Many of you think that it is about unconditional acceptance of others, however, it begins with unconditional acceptance of the Self first and foremost. So many of you are transmuting and transforming so much of the old 3d patterns and are now raising your vibrations to a height of new experiences and beginnings reflecting your deeper realisations of Light. Your belief systems are shifting now, preparing for the New Earth~~the New Era of Golden Light. Of pure unconditional acceptance of all. True Inner Peace~ Pure Beingness. Imagine a world of BEING rather than DOING. What do you think that would FEEL like? Can you really let go of all the old concepts of limitation and step into true Pure Beingness~True bliss~Vibrating from a point of neutrality where the only thing that matters is the gift of this breath in this eternal NOW moment. Knowing, in that vibration, every is cell is glowing with Light and Love and ecstacy. The only thing that is holding you back is your embedded belief system of fear and lack and unworthiness and general limited mental concepts. The only thing that matters NOW is the Soul. The Soul knows everything ..When the mind stills, allow it to speak to you, it will speak to your heart and you will then know your truth and the path of your Higher Self. Now is the time to embrace the true and only miracle which is YOU. From that perspective everything else that occurs in your existence is a true gift from Spirit. Imagine that perception. Would you bother about any petty issues anymore? Would you concern yourself with boring ideas of lack of any kind? Topics of creating your own reality are very popular. What if you were in such a place of Pure Beingness that you realised you have everything NOW? What is there to create when everything is already created. From that vibrational resonance all is allowed~all is there~ready~only for the receiving and the allowed acceptance. How can you Feel such a state? How can this be possible when you have to DO so much....achieve so much..have some purpose. What if you truly realised that what you are looking for is YOU. FEEL and embrace your true magnificence. Unconditionally loving YOU. Requiring nothing outside of yourself to FEEL completely whole and perfect. This is your truth Dear Ones. As you focus on your breath NOW feel the beauty of this gift of LIFE. Let us now go deeper into this breath~~this gift~~this beauty~~this wonderment. As we feel this realisation deeper and deeper we are bringing heaven to earth through the miracle of YOU. In this glorious eternal now moment with each Divine Breath. Dear Ones you are so Loved We are the Angels...... For more guidance and Information Please contact the web-site www.world-harmonics**** View video at this link.. *******www.youtube****/watch?v=XpuF96EzYEk