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This is the record breaking sambalpuri song of KOSHAL(WESTERN ORISSA)..The whole Nation of India and USSR danced to the tunes of this song in the seventies..It is still rocking the nation..Now in video..Rangabati O Rangabati , kanaka lata , hasi pade kahana katha - , Hai go laze laze o laze, laze, laze laze nai zauche matha go, nai kara nai kara aatha( O my beloved Rangabati, speak to me with a smile ? I am not able to raise my face with shame - don't trouble me much) has set the hearts bubbling of millions all over the world. It has been lapped up by listeners from Los Angeles to London when broadcasted through Radio. Though a sambalpuri folk song, it is as popular in Ranchi as in Delhi . It is still a national anthem for every band party ushering the bridegroom to the house of the bride. This sambalpuri folk song has been the Sholay of folk music & has reigned the hearts of young & old alike since it was composed in 1972. It was first aired by AIR in its Surmalia programme in the year 1974. Its a duet song, sung by Jitendra Harpal and Krishna Patel.This song was aired in early 1975 in Internation Radio Stations like BBC & Voice of America.This songs gave the koshali people a separate cultural identity in the world.

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