Michael Paul - Natural Disaster ('Reach' EP)

By: MichaelPaulReach


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'Natural Disaster' was originally released acoustic style (piano and vocals only) on 07/07/07. Now a fully produced audio track and high-def video portraying a creative, confused, girl who is half-heartedly into the Goth scene. Her fascination with clairvoyance, along with a faceless Internet romance, propels us through a series of dreams. A private concert in a snow globe, a giant blue frog, and a dark alley assault lead to a disastrous ending, with a hopeful twist. Conceived and written by Michael Paul Giarrusso. Music produced in collaboration with Shaun Drew of Sotto Voce Studios. Directed by Tim Gagliardo, partnered with producer Adam Litt of Nuclear Videos, and DP Louis Normandin. Special thanks to Lilit Alexandrian (Goth Girl), Sean McCracken (Predator), Jonathan Timmerman (blu_frog), Jason Heath and Chris Nabb (The Escarpment), Linda Sweeney (piano and tolerance), Jericho Vise (Muralist), Timi Giarrusso (wardrobe), and Christopher Temkin (Consulting Editor).

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