Regaining Srilanka - Singala TV Commercial (DVD Quality) Ad

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Director: Rajiv Menon
Producer: Rajiv Menon Productions
Agency: Ogilvy & Mather (Colombo)
Client: Srilankan Government
Camera: Rajiv Menon
Music: Anandh R
Post Production: Kathir Vel Selva Kumar
Plot: Srilanka (Ceylon) has seen many years of war and tension. This was a part of their drive to regain its beauty and restore confidence in tourists that it was safe to visit Sri Lanka. This commercial was not approved by the Agency for many reasons. One of which was the singers were not sounding authentic. Anyways, the advert has live and feel to it. It captures the everyday lives of Sri Lankans and they say they want to go an extra mile to achieve their goals. Kids are happy! I love it. Feel good Tv Advertisement.

Key: Lion, sweat shop, east, third world, country, struggle, war, peace, barricade, police, military, army, fields, farmer

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