The Bill Engvall Show S03E06 - I Like It That Way

By: Kayla Louise Sampang


Uploaded on June 14, 2012 by Kayla Louise Sampang Powered by YouTube

This is Season 3 Episode 6! Sorry it took me days, I am off to school in a few moments. See you all on Sunday! UPDATE: For those who are asking, I am already a 3rd year college student taking up Communications (although I am really into arts, so my second course after I graduate would prolly be Fine Arts haha) and we really have this season for school. Here in the Philippines, we only have 2 seasons - sunny and rainy. That's why we really really look forward to experiencing snow whenever we go out-of-the-country. Sorry we're lame as that -_- For tourism purposes, you should definitely visit our beaches here! They're awesome I'm not being biased :))) Try Boracay beach in Boracay and Palawan's Underground River in Palawan. Total paradise. Love love!
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