News Reporter VS Snow Tube

By: doggieyo


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This is probably the BEST and funniest sledding/ snow tube accident I have ever seen. I laughed each of the probably 60 times I watched it. I dont know if this is up on youtube yet but I imagion it is since it was the most funny thing on earth but I thought I would share it.
If anyone wants me to remove it and has a good reason, I will.

About the video:
I think this guy was suposed to be getting in the middle of the on coming snow tubes to see the race from a whole new point of view but he ended up doing an awesome flip!!! He obviously wasn't thinking straght and this is what happened. He knows he wasn't being smart as he comments on it right after the incodent. Even if his stupidity and daring act wasn't smart.. it made the world a little more funnier! ;D
Anyways, ENJOY! I did! lol

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