Minecraft - The Legend of Verigan, Part 1 (Shadow of Israphel Special)

By: BlueXephos


Uploaded on April 11, 2011 by BlueXephos Powered by YouTube

Highlights from the charity yogscast special which was livestreamed to raise money for Child's Play. Over the duration of our 4-hour stream this weekend, you guys helped donate over $15,000 to push the total raised to over $30,000 as of Sunday night!

The aim is to hit $50,000 by the end of the month - a fantastic and worthwhile goal - so please diggy diggy your pockets and make a donation here: http://qubetubers.chipin.com/childs-play

Special thanks go out to our very own Bjornar (yogscast web-guru Tinman, who is also present in this adventure as Spacker_LeChuck) for his donation of $1337 during the stream, which pushed us over the $26,000 milestone and allowed us to stream for two hours longer than we had planned!

Thanks also go out to Pat (peva3) for working so hard to run the livestream (playing Granny_Bacon as the livestream camera) - Ditto and Krippner for their awesome fan-made map and storyline, and everyone else who was able to attend! In addition - thanks to all the other amazing youtubers and streamers who took time out of their schedules to continue to make this amazing event a success! Here's to many more in the future!

Thanks muchly to Daniel Yount for the use of his amazing music: http://audiograve.bandcamp.com/

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