Part 1 - GSG-5 Full Teardown & Screw Upgrade

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Uploaded on May 03, 2009 by okfirearms Powered by YouTube

Part 1 of the how-to video detailing the full disassembly of a GSG-5 carbine and reassembly with upgrade screws available from If you've ever wanted to know how to completely tear down your GSG-5 and were amazed at the lack of detail in your owner's manual, this is what you have been looking for. You'll learn how to strip the receiver, bolt assembly, and trigger pack--along with helpful tips to keep your GSG-5 running smooth for years to come.

NOTE: OKFIREARMS assumes no liability for damage or injury to property or individuals who fully disassemble their GSG-5 weapons. The manufacturer reccommends that you follow ONLY the instructions in your owners manual. OKFIREARMS is NOT affiliated with American Tactical Imports or German Sports Guns. You may attempt the procedure in this video at your own risk. Be aware that doing so may void the manufacturer's warranty.

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