Crazy Singing Bird - Still Loving You (New Version)

By: j2kk


Uploaded on July 02, 2008 by j2kk Powered by YouTube

Hellow folks.
I am the one who made this flash animation.
Original creator.
There are couple of various versions going around in YouTube.
Between Flash and YouTube,
It was a some problem of encording.
The Avi movie file(with 'stream' audio) from Flash, doesn't match in YouTube site.
So I had to change audio option to 'event'.
Damn, It takes such a long time...sorry~

Anyway, about this footage
Something is retouched slightly by Flash MX.

Some kind of weird crazy sparrow singing ....
Scorpion's Still Loving You.
What a tone-deaf.....Ha Ha...
Have Fun ! Everybody.

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