Judo Flashes

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Ok, so my video is back after being accused of "not respecting a copyright" or something like that....
Ok, so my video is back after being accused of "not respecting a copyright" or something like that... SO, here is what I'm gonna say to avoid having people freaking out after me. I AM NOT the one who composed the song in this video...NEITHER the one who played the music in the song... this song if from Safriduo and is named Bongo Song. I AM NOT the one who took all the pictures in this video...NEITHER the one who is on them... So if any of your pictures, sounds, face or whatever else from you is in the video, it was not put in there to insult you, hurt you, make you cry or steal anything from you... This is just a montage! So please everybody calm down about the copyright thing!!! All I did in this video was the montage! And I'll tell you, the part with "judo store" written in the upper right corner was a pre-assembled video (not MY montage). The rest was a montage from me. Now is the time where I thank everyone who did something that is in the video (so everybody's happy). Thanks to : - David Finch (photograph) *Most of the pictures are from him (www.judophotos****)* - Paul Clemens (photograph) - judogalery4all.nl - Safriduo for their amazing song (The Bongo Song) *Buy the album do not download it* - WMG for the audio content - judo store - www.judoclub.ca - The olympic comittee (especially the one from Athens, 2004) - The IJF - All the fighters in the videos/pictures I really hope that it'll be ok (this time...) and that nobody is offended by the publication of this video. I mean this is publicity for those who have pictures/videos in it and fun for those who watch. By the way, ALL OF THE VIDEOS AND PICTURES are available LEGALLY on the internet (websites) because they are actually downloadable FROM THE SITE and right-clickable... So what's the problem? Oh and IF I forgot to write your name/company or whatever from you in the THANKS section, please don't get out on the streets and yell/cry that I stole your life...just tell me, it'll be more simple... So that's it, I really hope that everbody's happy and...enjoy watching this! (Sorry for the length of this message but the whole "oh my god they stole my privacy" thing makes it almost mandatory...) Ciao!