Engine Sentai Go-onger Engine-oh 炎神戦隊ゴーオンジャー エンジンオー

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PLEASE DO NOT MAKE MECHA REQUESTS!!! I will make videos of what I feel like! -------------------- DX Eng...
PLEASE DO NOT MAKE MECHA REQUESTS!!! I will make videos of what I feel like! -------------------- DX Engine Gattai Engine-oh! DX 炎神合体エンジンオー Well.......atleast you can't say it isn't unique... Engine-oh is the primary mecha for the initial three member Go-onger team. Each Engine that makes up Engine-oh has the ability to carry an Engine Soul (炎神ソウル) which provides character voices and sounds effects as well as having a small LED light. This makes Engine-oh the first mecha to have electronic capabilities between each mecha, albeit through a technical loophole. Engine-oh is made up of three pieces. They are... 1. Engine Speedor 2. Engine Buson 3. Engine BeaRV 1. 炎神スピードル (エンジンスピードル) 2. 炎神バスオン (エンジンバスオン) 3. 炎神ベアールV (エンジンベアールV) Engine-oh comes with Engine Soul #1 Speedor (スピードルソウル) as well as the Go-on Sword (ゴーオンソード) and the V Shield (Vシールド). The Go-on Sword folds up like an Engine Soul and is stored in one of Buson's rear compartments. The V Shield is the underside of BeaRV. To get the DX Engine Souls for Buson and BeaRV, you have to buy the DX Mantangun and the DX Highway Buster. Due to the number of Engines there are in the Go-onger arsenal, Engine-oh can combine to form several variations. The primary variations are... 1. Engine-oh G6 (w/Gunbir-oh) - エンジンオーG6 2. Engine-oh G9 (w/Gunbir-oh+Seiku-oh) - エンジンオーG9 3. Engine-oh G12 (w/Gunbir-oh, Seiku-oh, and Kyouretsu-oh) - エンジンオーG12 Smaller variations exist aswell such as Engine-oh Birca (エンジンオーバルカ) which is Engine-oh with Birca as an arm. This combination works with Engines 4,5,7,8 aswell. A repaint of Engine-oh was released as Engine Daishogun (炎神大将軍). This was featured prominently in the Go-onger movie Engine Sentai Go-onger: BunBun! BanBan! GekijouBANG!! (炎神戦隊ゴーオンジャー BunBun! BanBan! 劇場BANG!!) Engine-oh is a mecha that really took time for it to grow on me. To be honest, I actually sort've like this toy now that it's been laying around for a year or so. It's certainly a fresh idea. I have to admit, BeaRV is adorable, Speedor is a neat looking hotrod, and Buson...is a brick. Bandai America released it's own version of Engine-oh for Power Rangers RPM. It's called the High Octane Megazord. It's VERY different from Engine-oh however. The mold used to make the toy is entirely new and does not feature Fullsized Engine Souls like Engine-oh. If you have the means...I fully recommend buying Engine-oh over the Power Rangers version. Thanks for watching my latest mecha video! Be sure to check out my Myspace Blog for my latest ramblings about this video along with what my next video will be on both accounts: *******blogs.myspace****/index.cfm?fuseaction=blog.view&friendId=369670221&blogId=493448335 or check out my profile: *******www.myspace****/CCLemon99 Be sure to subscribe to my channel to keep track of all of my newest uploads! Thanks for watching. See ya next time.