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[Xbox 360 Version]Music: Blur - Song 2Midnight Club Los Angeles is a great game if a little difficult in places. It looks great and has so many small details that make you smile but most of all for me personally is it improves on almost all aspects that the TDU community commented on.* Day and Night cycle* Dynamic Weather (only rain though)* Damage with Quick Fix on road and Full Fix at Garage(s)* Cars can roll over and flip* Low and High Beam lights* Working convertible roofs* Active aero parts (spoilers, intakes etc)* Exterior and Interior Customisation* Realistic looking lights front and back* Individual licence plates for traffic and opponents* Bike rider view doing wheelies is spot on! Walking backwards instead of reversing also.* Gradual pressure and non-instant lock brakes* Good amount of traffic and fairly intelligent at that on the roads* You can actually see the traffic lights from inside the car* Easy to change your car/bike online* Cruise Control* Fully Working Dashes including Speedo, Odo, Gear indicator, boost gauges and even clocks!* Speedo's that actually stop at the limit* Realistic wheel motion* Crossover animation with steering wheel (2 turns in other words)* Great sound design in the environment* Real time reflections except of other cars* Glowing brake discs* ... more probably but basically this game is extremely polishedHopefully Atari and Eden Games will realise these guys have raised the bar and match it or go onto even better it and raise the bar higher again!FAQ:

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