【Miku Miku Dance】Epic Love & Joy

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BEWARE THIS DESCRIPTION IS TL;DR AND I WROTE IT LIKE A YEAR OR SOMETHING AGO WHEN I ACTED LIKE A LITTLE GAY KID :U WELL...MORE THEN NORMAL -shot- ***Okies~!*** No one has stolen this EXACT video lately...That I know of xD and just so you people know, I didn't come up with this dance! It feels like people think I made this dance up when I really didn't. I'm not epic enough to Come up with a dance like this xD **old UPDATE** PMD tutorial has been uploaded for some time now. and I've uploaded the models to mediafire. *******www.mediafire****/download.php?njugzjzowfy note: they are glitcy, so please dont complain... and if ANYONE coments saying "OH, MY MODELS DON'T HAVE EYES" or "AW, MY MINI TETO DOESN'T HAVE ANY COLOR!" then you are going to be ignored. because that's what the "README" is meant for, R-E-A-D-M-E although, if you have read the "readme" and are still having prolems, I will help you with that! :3 anyway,I hope to see these model's used in video's! and they do not work with version 5. I made these a long time ago. before version 4 was even out! the reason is that I've just been ignoring this video, I don't know why though, it's my most popular video! 25,000 veiws!? That's insane! XD edit (again): 30,000 Views!? that's amazing! thank you! X3 Edit (yet again): 45,000 VIEWS!!! HOLY SHIZ, THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH YOU ARE ALL AWESOME!!!! :'D and a lot of people are wondering about the video in the background, so heres you answer! I made the video in the background a long time ago, well, around April 9th I think. anyway, this video is the first video that keko was ever in, and it was supposed to be the ONLY video she was going to be in. but then people started to take a liking to her, and I decided to make a voicce for her, and that was the start of keko! but the reason i took that video down was because someone started to have a spaz about keko and I decided to delete all thinks keko to get them to stop. although, since now keko's back, I might be re-uploading that video! but that is if I can find the video file... BACK TO ORIGINAL DESCRIPTION: Anyway, about this video! I was looking for the link to the Chibi hatsune miku that everyone knows, but I couldn't find it anywhere! and then i though "Hmm...It probably isn't that hard to make something like that using the PMD editor..." and i was right! it only took me about 30 min to make ALL THESE! i WILL be uploading them...but I want YOU to choose who i upload first! so leave a comment asking who you want uploaded first! I messed up on... miku...and Meiko... Miku, because i made her first, she was like my "Experiment" it may look like she's normal, but she has some problems...you guys are better off finding the OTHER little miku! and Meiko because...umm... altogether, her body is too umm...yeah...too "Adult" to be turned to a kid... but my favorite little models would have to be... RIN, cause she's my favorite vocaloid, ever! and I think she looks really cute as a kid X3 TETO, because teto is...teto, she was MEANT to be a kid! Those two are also the most functional models out of all of them! There is ONE problem with...most of the models When you try to make their hands into fists, it looks a little weird... but I am trying to fix that... I hope you like it!