Ninja Saga Tensai Jounin Exam Part 3 Seal 1

By: amvtop10


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First of all everyone. These song are audioswap and i dont know what in the world they are. I dont have time to edit and all that, so yeah. Im only here to help people those who need help.

This is very straight forward and a very easy exam compare to the 2nd one. I have no upload my 2nd video for exam 2 because i did not get all the clips. Make sure you subscribe, I will try to do something with these Ninja Saga video.

As for how to beat it. If you still are stuck. Just give me a comment below and I will try to help you. Make sure you subscribe too.

How to earn Ninja emblem for free? Well you can go to this site.

I am a token user though and I earn all my tokens here: (this website is better than my other one because now u dont have to wait to earn money. you make money as you go.) Must vertify your email before you start earning money.

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