Bullying & Prejudice : We The-So-Called Midgets

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This is Enrique's and Rodrigue's poem for English 9 class. This is a poem written from scratch which was written because we wanted to teach people that WE all wanted to feel accepted and that prejudice/judgement is not right. Enjoy and thanks for watching!! Music - A voice in Svay Pak http://soundcloud.com/23violins/svay-pak Lyrics Humanity's greatest desire is to feel belonged and accepted Though society sometimes interferes with those two wishes Prejudices and first impressions are two things hated Because of their power to exclude based on appearances Though some don't understand that we're all different Which causes them to make negative thoughts about others The goal of this poem is not to get revenge on a victim's offender But to make people realize that we all want to feel accepted no matter what, but now just shut up and listen cause we so-called-midgets are gonna teach you a lesson Being short has never been fun Not because I know I'm different, but because others haven't always accepted me I don't know if you have ever realized this but calling somebody names because they're short won't help them at all You're making their situation worse, like you just decided to break glass when it has already been broken Don't you see, when we victims are laughed at because of our differences we feel like we just got shot in the knee, we feel like our whole body is just going to crumble to the ground So listen to me, just because I'm short doesn't give you the right to offend me, I mean I could come up with a multitude of insults bout you being fat, dumb, or ugly. Why would I want to be taller? When I can just accept myself? For all you pretty-boys out there, it may be easy for you to get girls But the negative side to that is that usually you're outer-self will only appeal to them-girls not your inner self You say you are tall! You say you are buff! Just because you're bigger you decide to get drunk! But sometimes I think you are dumb! "You say I'm too short' "You say I can't reach" Whatever you say! You see Spud Webb!? I'll fly like him someday! Call me short, call me small, or call me midget, I really don't care The fact is it doesn't affect me anymore No it doesn't It affects you I'm stronger than you think Giving out insults to everybody gives you a reputation A reputation that makes others want to stay away from you Like you're some kind disease that causes infection Oh yeah, one more thing I wanna mention Don't ever call me a midget Not because I hate it But because it makes you look like a dimwit Literally I am not a midget like the characters you see on "little people big world." These people have a genetic abnormality resulting in short stature Having a height BELOW 4'10" So, unless you need glasses Or your iQ is the lowest in all of your classes Then you can clearly tell that I'm no where near that limit And still what gives the right to critique what God has created? There is something called genetic diversity, It's what makes each one of us unique, Which is something none of us should critique Thats all I have to say You can think I'm short all you want I really don't care Its a fact I can't deny that But just don't call me a midget How do you measure height? "Our height should be measured from our heads to the heavens; not from the earth to our heads" But I don't mind if you thinking that I'm short Because It's who I am, And like Taylor Mali said If I got this And I follow this And if someone judges me based on how on I look Then I give them this! I accept myself for who I am Now what about you?
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