Open Your Eyes- Bella & Edward

By: ActingFireAqua


Uploaded on April 30, 2008 by ActingFireAqua Powered by YouTube

Okay, this is my first Twilight video, so ... don't hate me for it... um... it's one of my first videos, I've only ever done House, so this is my first Twilight vid.

And this is the video I'm proudest of!

I'm entering it in a Twilight contest.

The song is Open Your Eyes by Snow Patrol, which was one of the choices you could chose to us.

I made it on Windows Movie Maker, so obviously it's nothing fancy. I also didn't have a lot of clips-only basically interviews, except for the one where Kristen is younger....

No copyright infringment intended. I don't own these clips, anyone in them, the song, or the subject, which is Twilight.

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