Dragon-Balti Feat.KillahPriest-No Peace

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"No Peace" Track Feat. Tunisian MC Dragon-Balti, Israeli MC KoshaDillz, American MC KillahPriest (W...
"No Peace" Track Feat. Tunisian MC Dragon-Balti, Israeli MC KoshaDillz, American MC KillahPriest (Wu-Tang) myspace****/rawpoetixfamily myspace****/baltiroshima rawpoetixrecords**** Dragon-Balti Lyrics Translated in English: They've seen the humiliation They've seen the injustice They've seen the bloodshed and death They've seen children inside houses the Israelis destroyed That's the Belfore promise or the rule of the stronger The Palestinian became the bull and you're the matador Since the beginning you started corruption on earth Altering the prophets sayings and destroyed peoples reputations You came looking for war, and you're the one who started the offense We have God on our side and you got the West Moses brought you the Torah and you changed its Message Jesus, you denied his message then thought you crucified him We know you better than you know yourselves In the light you're someone In the darkness your're someone different That's your history but let me talk about the Present Stole the people's land and made them look like the aggressers The Israelis killed and destroyed the people's houses and they blame Fatah and Hamas for Reacting You soaked Palestine's land with the blood of Martyrs Created orphins and seeded hatred into their hearts Opened their eyes to Sabra&Shatila Grow up with the Intifadah And from there the fire started opened their the blood and mothers mournings Confronted you with stones when your army attacked You're attacking with tanks and they're holding stones Come at you like they don't give a damn because they know their family is inside a coffin You portrayed Muslims as Terrorists and you're the ones who invented Terrorism When you ruled the world,The Muslims tasted the pain In Guantanamo,Israel, and Abu Ghrib Mother don't cry because victory will come soon....