Tom Ferry Real Estate Training Preparing for 2010

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Real Estate training *******www.yourcoach****/ Here in this video top real estate coach and trainer Tom Fer...
Real Estate training *******www.yourcoach****/ Here in this video top real estate coach and trainer Tom Ferry speaks to real estate agents in Phoenix, AZ about what they need to do to be prepared for 2010. Tom specifically coaches about 5 things you need to do as a real estate agent to do more business today! About Tom Ferry Over more than a decade, Tom Ferry has earned a peerless reputation across North America as a top trainer, motivator and personal coach for professionals in the real estate and financial services industries. Tom has con­ducted trainings for more than 130,000 sales people nationwide, and has personally coached 16 of the top 100 agents in the entire country, including the #1 Century 21, Prudential and Coldwell Banker agents. While many of Toms clients earn more than $1 million per year in sales income, Toms extraordinary track record crosses all financial levels of agents and brokers. Literally scores of real estate professionals point to Tom Ferry as the mastermind behind their achieving new records of productivity, whether in the six- or seven-figure ranges. As founder of TomFerry-yourcoach in 2003, Tom has rapidly built a new powerhouse in the coaching industry. His charisma, discipline and flexibility, along with his ability to train coaches to teach powerful activity-based market­ing techniques, has made him a sell-out draw at conferences and seminars across the nation. And Toms clients growth is not measured by increased income alone. Tom is committed to helping his clients work less, eliminate stress, and have more fun, ease, passion and joy in their businesses and lives. As far as Tom is concerned, he succeeds when his clients generate results in their businesses, relationships, and personal well be­ing that exceed what they ever thought possible. According to one of his early supporters and top clients, Steve Games, former CEO of California Prudential and one of the top five brokers in the nation, Tom is opening a new era in real estate education. He knows all the so­lutions and fits them to each individual client. His knowledge is enormous and he knows how and when to relate it to your business. Prior to taking the helm at TomFerry-yourcoach Tom served as President of the Mike Ferry Organization for five years, raising the companys revenues from $8 million to $40 million. While growing MFO, Tom built a sizable personal clientele of high-end agents and brokers. Like those who have had the opportunity to be individually coached by the likes of Tony Robbins or Brian Tracy, Toms super-achieving clients find in their young coach a wisdom and depth of understanding that belies his age. Perhaps the greatest gift he gives these clients is that of finding a new, healthier balance in their lives.