African American Scene Hair Tutorial

By: CrystallyzeD


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Even though the title is labeled "African American scene hair tutorial" I think anyone with thick or coarse hair can do this if they please. Whatever you feel most comfortable with :]

Also, I know I may get a couple of ppl calling me a poser bc I stated that I like to switch it up a bit, and my response is simply this. Since when was it a must that people had to stick to one style? Don't pressure people into going with your opinion just because you think that those who dress as a prep one day and an punk rocker the next is a poser. What's wrong with rockin' more than one style if they truly like it for shits sake? My suggestion is this, if you're gunna come at me with anything like that, get ready for a big debate.

Also, sorry I made the beginning way too chatty :P
I had a lot to say!

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