Top 7 Video Game Mods: V-LIST #6

By: vsauce


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Michael counts down his favorite 7 video game mods: GTA IV, Mass Effect 2, Myth II, Halo 3, Unreal Tournament, Mario, and more! Sims 2 Star Trek: PS3 mods: Homeworld 2 Star Wars: Oblivion Sheep: GTA IV Skateboard: WoW in Starcraft2: Blue vs. Grey: Custom Mass Effect 2 Femshep: Unreal Tournament '99 footage: Halo 3 in Unreal Tournament 3: Halo and Unreal Tournament 2 meets Mario: First person Mario: Mario Vice City: Simpson's Quake Map: Little Big Pen1s: Computer in Minecraft: Enterprise in Minecraft: ************** BestVideoGame Mods CountDown MichaelStevens vsauce SimpsonsVideoGame QuakeMap HalfLife2 Custom map modifications UnReal Footage femshep MarioBrothers Gaming MineCraft Enterprise Computer vid MassEffect2 Halo3 MasterChief weapons gadgets "video game" warfare
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