Allah Hu-Allah Hu Nasheed

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A L L A H The name Allah is Derived from llah which itself is derived from the root Lah. Lah is an express...
A L L A H The name Allah is Derived from llah which itself is derived from the root Lah. Lah is an expressive of wonder. Allah is the proper name for the creator of the universe about whom we can express nothing except wonder. Ya ALLAH Recite it 1000 times daily for strengthening of faith.Reciting it 200 times,before Jumma prayers help ease difficulties. Reciting it to patient will help him to recover unless the time of death has come. THE BEAUTIFUL NAMES OF ALMIGHTY ALLAH It is narrated in the Hadith that the Holy Prophet (Sallallahu alaihi wa sallam) said: There are 99 names of Almighty Allah with which we have been commanded to address our supplications to HIM. He who commits them to memory and rehearses them regularly will enter Paradise. YA RAHMANU The Beneficent He who gives blessings and prosperity to all beings with out showing disparity. YA RAHIMU The Merciful He who gives blessings and prosperity, particularly to those who use these gifts as Allah has said, and is merciful to the believers in the hereafter. YA MALIKU The Sovereign Lord He who is the absolute king to the entire universe. YA QUDDUSU The Holy He who is free from all error, absentmindedness, is free from incapability and from any kind of defect. YA SALAMU The Source of Peace He who frees his servants from all danger and obstruction. He who gives His greeting to those fortunate people in heaven. YA MUMINU The Guardian of Faith He who places faith in the hearth of His servants, protects those who seek refuge in Him, and gives tranquility. YA MUHAYMINU The Protector He who watches over and protects all things. YA AZIZU The Mighty The Unconquerable YA JABBARU The Compeller He who repairs all broken things, who completes that which is incomplete, and who has the ability, with force, to make people do whatever He wants. YA MUTAKABBIRU The Majestic He who shows His greatness in all things and in all ways. YA KHALIQU The Creator He who creates everything from nothing and creates all things with the knowledge of what will happen to them. YA BARIU The Evolver He who creates all things in proportion. YA MUSAWWIRU The Fashioner He who designs all things. YA GHAFFARU The Forgiver He who is all-forgiving. YA QAHHARU The Subduer He who is victorious and dominant in a way that He can do anything He wills. YA WAHHABU The Bestowed He who donates all blessings to His creatures. YA RAZZAQU The Provider He who provides all things beneficial to His creatures. YA FATTAHU The opener He who opens the solutions to all problem, and eliminates obstacles. YA ALIMU The All-Knowing He who is all-knowing. YA QABIDU The Constrictor He who constrict. YA BASITU The Expander He who is expander. YA KHAFIDU The Abaser He who diminishes or decreases. YA RAFI'U The Exalter He who uplifts. YA MUIZZU The Honoree He who makes one glorious, gives dignity, and treats one with respect. YA MUZILLU The Dishonourer He who lowers and puts one in a basement and degradation. YA SAMI'U The All-Hearing He who hears everything. YA BASIRU The All-seeing He who sees everything. YA HAKAMU The Judge He who judges and provides what is due. YA 'ADLU The Just The just one YA LATIFU The Subtle One He who knows the delicate meanings of everything. He who creates things most subtly, which cannot be understood by people, and He who gives blessings to people in the most subtle ways. YA KHABIRU The Aware He who has knowledge of the most secret parts of everything, and knows their inner meanings. YA HALIMU The Forbearing One He who is clement. YA AZIMU The Great One He who is magnificent. YA GHAFURU The All-Forgiving He who forgives all. YA SHAKURU The Appreciative He who is grateful and gives rewards for deeds done for Him. YA ALIU The Most High He who is most high. YA KABIRU The Most Great He who is most great. YA HAFIZU The Preserver He who preserves all things in detail, and for a time preserves them from misfortune and calamity. YA MUQITU The Maintainer He who sustains. YA HASIBU The Reckoner He who knows in detail the account of things people do throughout their lives. YA JALILU The Sublime One He who has wealth, dominion and holiness. YA KARIMU The Generous One He who is generous. YA RAQIBU The Watchful He who observes all creatures, and every action is under His control. YA MUJIBU The Responsive He who responds to every need. YA WASIU The All-Embracing He who has limitless capacity and abundance. YA HAKIMU The Wise He who has wisdom in all order and actions. YA WADUDU The Loving He who loves those who do good and bestows on them His compassion. He who is the only one who should be loved and whose friendship is to be earned. YA MAJIDU The Most Glorious one He who is most glorious. YA BA'ITHU The resurrector He who gives life to all creatures on the judgment day. YA SHAHIDU The Witness He who is present every where and observes all things. YA HAQQU The Trust He whose existences has no change. YA WAKILU The Trustee He who provides a means to solve all problems in the best way. YA QAWIU The Most Strong YA MATINU The Firm One YA WALIU The Protecting Friend He who is the Friend of His righteous servants. YA HAMIDU The Praiseworthy He who is the only one to be praised and glorified and thanked by all creatures. YA MUHSI The Reckoner He who knows the number of all things although they cannot be counted, and knows each of them. YA MUBDIU The Originator He who created for the first time all beings from nothing and without any model. YA MU'IDU The Restorer He who restores all beings. YA MUHYI The Giver of Life He who gives life and health. YA MUMITU The Creator of Death He who created death. YA HAYYU The Alive He is all-knowing and His strength is sufficient for everything. YA QAYYUMU The Self-Subsisting He who holds the entire universe. YA WAJIDU The Finder He who finds whatever He wants in the time He desires. YA MAJIDU The Noble He whose highness is great, who is beneficent, and His munificence is rich. YA WAHIDU The Unique He who is One in his actions, His Names, who has no partner or equal in His attributes, personality, and orders. YA AHADU The One YA SAMADU The Eternal He who is the only being to apply to if one has any need to be completed or any troubles to be eliminated. YA QADIRU The Able He who is able to do anything in the way He wills. YA MAQTADIRU The Powerful He who is more powerful than any beings. YA MUQADDIMU The Expediter YA MUAKHKHIRU The Delayer He who delays whatever He wants. YA AWWALU The First The first, one who has been before and prior to anything. YA AKHIRU The Last The one who will continue forever even,after total annihilation. YA ZAHIRU The Manifest The one who is Evident, through his signs,all over the universe. YA BATINU The Immanent One who is hidden and is permanently pervading the entire universe. YA WALI The Governor He who directs, manages, conducts, governs, measures, plans every action which happens at any moment in the entire universe. YA MUTA'ALI The Most Exalted He who is higher than any action, manner or condition, and any thought that any being may have. This Name indicated that Allah is higher than the most evolved thought of man. YA BARRU The Source of All Goodness He who is tolerant to His servants, to all creatures, and is good to them. YA TAWWABU The Acceptor of Repentance YA MUNTAQIMU The Avenger He who punishes wrong doers. YA 'AFUWU The Pardoner The who pardons, and in a manner to obliterate all traces. YA RA'UFU The Compassionate One who is most kind,most merciful. YA MALIK-UL-MULK The Eternal Owner of Sovereignty YA DHUL-JALAL-WAL-IKRAM The Lord of Majesty & Bounty YA MUQSITU The Equitable He who does His work accordingly and in a balanced way. YA JAME'U The Gatherer He who collects things, gathers them, anywhere He wants, at any time. YA GHANIU The Self-Sufficient One who is self-sufficient,rich,free of want. YA MUGHNIU The Enricher One who makes another rich or one who suffices. YA MANI'U The Preventer One who prevents,stops. YA DARRU The Distresser He who creates that which makes one despondent. YA NAFI'U The Propitious He who creates all things which provide goodness and benefit. YA NURU The Light He who provides divine light to the entire universe, to the face, minds and hearts of His servants. YA HADIU The Guide He who guides, gives success and directs His servant to do things beneficial to others. YA BADI'U The Incomparable He who creates wonders in the universe without any design. YA BAQI The Everlasting The one who will remain forever. YA WARITHU The Supreme Inheritor He who has everlasting ownership of all things, Finite man only has temporary ownership, and at death all creatures have nothings. YA RASHIDU The Guide to the Right Path He who is the guide, with wisdom, to the right path according to His eternal plan. YA SABURU The Thoroughly Patient 'Sabr' is impossible to translate in English.It has several meanings and one of them is "Patience in the sence of being thorough."