Angry Industrial Dancer in Little Saigon

By: tank9


Uploaded on August 15, 2009 by tank9 Powered by YouTube

Thanks to Andy LaPlegua​ for approving 'Electrohead' for use in this video. Please support Combichrist and buy his music.

Clip of this video also seen on Adult Swim - Off The Air: Dance

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Special thanks to John Hilbert for filming and transportation.

Also, thanks to Jesse for letting me borrow your clothes.

Combichrist Electrohead song all rights reserved to the artists and record company.

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Additional Information:

Why is, "Angry," in the title when I appear not to be?

There is more than one reason why I put "Angry" in the title. One reason is because, I was angry! It's normal. I was having a pretty crappy day and thought to myself, to hell with it, and the video came out opposite of how I was feeling.

Camera equipment: HVX-200 (DV mode)
Editing software: Final Cut Pro 6

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