Harry/Hermione/Ron -- Requiem for a Dream (Sex-filled) [18+]

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WARNING: Contains Harry/Hermione sex scenes, a little graphic.


There is a story that goes along with this video that you'll need to know to understand.

Ron and Hermione love each other, but they're forced apart by a war. Harry pronounces Ron dead, and Hermione is distraught. Harry goes to comfort her and one thing leads to another. They sleep together. Ron, however, is not dead. He walks in on them, and feels betrayed. He hates Harry and Hermione and doesn't want anything to do with them. Hermione, in the meantime, is feeling very guilty and ashamed of herself. She wants Ron back, but he does not want her. They run away from more death eaters as they are on the run. Hermione cannot see Harry anywhere, but then when she finds out he's safe, she runs up to him and hugs him. Harry and Hermione become close friends again and Ron gets jealous, hoping he doesn't get betrayed again. In that hope, he leaves to look out for intruders, as it is his turn to keep watch. Harry and Hermione are alone in the tent, and they know they still have a few hours for Ron to come back in. They begin to dance. Hermione then wants Harry again. She wants his breath on her face, his lips on hers. She wants to feel the feeling of sex again. They have it one more time. Once more, getting interrupted by Ron. Ron runs away, and Hermione runs after him. Harry runs after her, and she turns around and kills him, wanting nobody but Ron. Ron, who is shocked himself, comforts her, and then they too are separated by Death Eaters. Shots of Hermione, Ron, and Harry sleeping could be seen.

They were only dreaming.

~ Requiem for a Dream

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