Noobz 4 Life (halo Machinima)

By: machinima


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By skullkruncher13 and patfan8326. Hope you enjoy our new song, it's not the usual rap but the song is catchy and combined with the video should garner some laughs.

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Living life in the life of a noob
I rarely use my gun
Living life in the life of a noob
Its fun for everyone
Living life in the life of a noob
I watch the rising sun
Living life in the life of a noob
Im always on the run!

I just got this game yesterday so,
I dunno where to go, can you tell me bro?
Can you stop getting killed, cuz Im getting POd
Its a yes or no well Ill take that as a no
Ho ho ho I just got pwned
Would you stop yelling into the microphone??
My guy just died and he made a big groan
Thats cuz you just fought 5 guys ALONE


I take a shotgun and a sniper to see
But you just took the best guns from me!
Dont worry buddy, Ill be MVP!
And your highest skill reached is a level 3.
Oh that dont matter see cuz Im natural
I look into the scope WHOA holy mackerel
You just got blown up by a frag!
Haha check it out! Im getting teabagged!


Come on friend, were at the end
And were at a base that you cant defend!
Oh silly goose, you gotta get loose
When Im uptight I drink apple juice!
Then youre gonna play just like I do!
Thats I why I wont take advice from you.
This kids skill isnt worth a dime
The sing the chorus one more time!

Living life in the life of a noob
Is quite a hard hardship
Living life in the life of a noob
Youll be treated like shit.

But I love it!

Chorus x 2

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