DRUM BATTLE!!Lars Ulrich(METALLICA) Vs. Peter Criss(KISS)

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Lars Ulrich (born December 26, 1963) is the drummer and co-founder of Metallica. He was born in Gentofte, D...
Lars Ulrich (born December 26, 1963) is the drummer and co-founder of Metallica. He was born in Gentofte, Denmark to an upper middle-class family. A tennis prodigy in his youth, Ulrich moved to Los Angeles, California at age seventeen to pursue his training, but instead of playing tennis, he ended up as a drummer. After publishing an advertisement in a local Los Angeles newspaper called The Recycler, he met James Hetfield and formed Metallica.The young Ulrich found himself mesmerized by the performance, buying the band's Fireball album the very next day. The concert and the album had a considerable impact on Ulrich, inspiring his entrance into the world of rock and roll and later on, heavy metal. As a result of his newfound interest in music, he received his first drum kit at the age of thirteen, a Ludwig. In 1981, Ulrich met James Hetfield in Downey, California and formed the thrash metal band Metallica. Ulrich's early work with Metallica led him to be dubbed as one of the thrash metal scene's drumming greats. He was highly influenced by Clive Brooks drummimg on the Steve Hillage Green album on The Glorious Om Riff track. He became known for his pioneering fast thrash drum beats and techniques featuring on many of Metallica's early songs Ulrich is an endorser of Tama drums, Zildjian cymbals and Remo drumheads. He has said: "Zildjian cymbals are not just the best cymbals, but the ONLY cymbals". He is rarely, if ever, seen without these brands onstage. He has, however, been known to use a mixture of brands when recording in the studio, including Ludwig-Musser drums, Gretsch drums and Sabian cymbals. Ulrich was an endorsee of Calato Regal Tip drumsticks, but changed to Easton Ahead in 1994. Tama Drums has produced two signature snare drums, the bell brass snare drum and one which is diamond plated. Both snare drums measure 6.5x14 and provide powerful attack and tons of low end sound. George Peter John Criscuola (born December 20, 1945), better known as Peter Criss, is an American musician best known as co-founder, drummer and vocalist for the rock band KISS. Criss established the "cat" character for his KISS persona. Kiss is an American rock band formed in New York City in 1972 (see 1972 in music). Easily identified by their trademark face paint and stage outfits, the group rose to prominence in the mid-1970s on the basis of their elaborate live performances, which featured firebreathing, blood spitting, smoking guitars, and pyrotechnics. Kiss has been awarded 45 gold albums to date.[1][2] The group's worldwide sales exceed 80 million albums.[3][4] The original lineup of Gene Simmons (bass and vocals), Paul Stanley (rhythm guitar and vocals), Ace Frehley (lead guitar and vocals) and Peter Criss (drums and vocals) is the most successful and identifiable. With their makeup and costumes, they took on the personas of comic book-style characters—the Demon (Simmons), the Star Child (Stanley), the Space Ace (Frehley), and the Cat Man (Criss). Due to substance abuse problems and creative differences, both Criss and Frehley were out of the group by 1982. The band's commercial fortunes had also waned considerably by that point. In 1983, Kiss abandoned their makeup and enjoyed a commercial resurgence throughout the rest of the decade. Buoyed by a wave of Kiss nostalgia in the 1990s, the band announced a reunion of the original lineup (with makeup) in 1996. The resulting Kiss Alive/Worldwide Tour was the top-grossing act of 1996. Criss and Frehley have since left Kiss again and have been replaced by Eric Singer and Tommy Thayer, respectively. The band continues to perform, while Stanley and Simmons have remained the only two constant members.