Surrender (Andra N The BackBone Cover)

By: RizkiPratama


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Its a Andra N The Backbone's Instrumental Track(Guitarist of Dewa Band, One of the most succesfull band In Indonesia)..The song Base on E major and Really a Playable and Enjoyable song, I Myself found a Thousand way to do the Middle Solo parts(though mostly just do the Pentatonic Blues Style Mixed with several Rock Technic) and I put one to Record. I am not really satisfied with this record..Its not the final, Just Trying to get The Melody of this songs.. as you could Hear, Still there are lots of trouble with the record, The Strings, The Cabble etc.
Its Use Wah Pedal(Except For The Middle Parts),alot Of Bending and Little Picking and String Skipping... But the Funny Thing is I Forgot to change my Strings, its kind of dead string... and the Result is my 19th Fret on firts string(hi E) sound really weird... You could Hear when I do my sweeping on 2:13.. And I was lost my wah sound on 2:35(The sound like disappearing and Reverberating) its all because of the cable.. Sucks...

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