How To Speed Up Your Computer By Removing Spyware 1 of 4

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Here part 1 of my video on how to speed up your computer by removing spyware from your computer.

In the video, I forgot to mention at the end where we got Ccleaner. You can get that at as well.

Also, I forgot to mention how to do a Windows Update. Although this does not always speed up your computer (it possibly can if there's a software conflict), I did mention that I would tell you how to do it.

Simply open up Internet Explorer, go to the TOOLS menu, and select Windows update. Then select Express. If it does not say Express and it asks you to install something first, then do so. I'll probably make a video about that sometime.

And I mentioned that I would show you how to install Firefox, but I will save that for another tutorial.

However it is similar to how I installed the anti-spyware programs in this video. It's actually easier. Just keep hitting next when you install it.

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