Tribute to Bernard Overton (inventor of Low Whistle)

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This is a song I've made in honor of Bernard Overton, inventor of Low Whistle...

"Many will know Bernard but for those who do not, he together with the help of Finbar Furey introduced for the first time in traditional music, lower keyed whistles, most notably the Low D. It is 40 years this year since he made his first whistle and he never stopped making even up to the last days. Before he started making whistles there were no bands playing the lower keyed whistles and when you look around today there are so many musicians/bands in the world that use these instruments. It is quite unbelievable really and also how many instrument makers have started making these instruments since then. What was started back then, certainly has made a big effect on the sound of the music we hear today. Chances are high that one of your favorite bands uses Low whistles. He will be missed a lot by those who had known him.

Our thoughts are with Margaret, Dawn and David."*

*From Chiff & Fipple

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